It's easy to see that pop culture, especially music always inspired me, but as time went on, I realized that I started to be more and more interested in the magical tool that makes it possible to create rock n roll: the guitar. So I started to dig deeper and deeper in the history of electric guitar and what amazed me is how much more it is than just an instrument. It's a cultic symbol, that helped their owners become immortal.

 As a left handed, it wasn't easy to find an electric guitar. I fell in love with the ES type guitars for first sight, so I was so happy to find my first electric guitar: A 2012 Epiphone Sheraton II 

I learned the basics on that guitar. Later on, I started to listen Gary Clack Jr. and I really loved the sound of his Epiphone casino, the combination of hollow body and P90 picups that creates feedback that makes music so wild and exciting, so as soon as it became available in left handed in 2014 I bought it.

After that I really wanted something different. I love the music of SRV, Popa Chubby, John Frusciante, and I love surf rock in general so I wanted a guitar with single coil pickups, maple fretboard, and a trem system. I managed to find this japanese made 2016 Fender Strat 50's Vibe:

They are my beauties who make my everydays colorful and who inspire me to create. I believe that music is the greates gift in our lives.

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